2003-09-26 at 11:43:27
New location dawgs.


2003-03-11 at 22:57:23
My life is confusing still! And still no time for blogging!
2003-03-10 at 21:20:05
Ugh! Blogging slackerness!

Spring break soon, I will catch up. And.. other stuff. Yeah. Hoorah!

2003-03-04 at 22:41:27
Ooo, school! Long day today, as per every tuesday and thursday. No big problems today or anything, and we're a day closer to spring break. Feeling sleep deprived lately, though it's probably just my body wanting winter to be over. Got good sleep last night... hopefully will again tonight. With that in mind...
2003-03-03 at 21:20:05
Gah. I have not been blogging.

I've been really busy, finishing up VideoK, editing stuff, ugh. But very excited about the flurry of activity around Sound Seen. I think it will be a fantastic opportunity.

In other news? Feeling ok, happy, all those things. Looking forward to spring break to sort of get a new perspective on things.

Feeling so do-less about world events. It just feels like nothing is changing, Sigh...

2003-03-01 at 00:27:07
Too much to talk about and not enough time, will update more tomorrow.

Did wash my car today, which made me happy. Didn't even bother drying it, since I'm not going for beauty. Just wanted it dirt free.

Now, on with life...

2003-02-26 at 21:43:22
Hmm. the world is scary. I'm going to hide in my cave..
2003-02-24 at 23:35:26
So, videoK was really good. Even gary says the best looking thing ever done in the studio. Pics are up.

Dinner with Kate and Eric tonight. It's sad to hear them both scared about the future. It seems like everyone is feeling scared and sad about the future. I wish it wasn't like that...

2003-02-23 at 23:18:42
VideoK. More later.
2003-02-21 at 22:14:52
Hmm. Got rejected by Thrivent. No surprise there.

Other things are brewing though...

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