Sun - March 20, 2005

Remember when I had a blog?

Remember when I had a blog? Yeah... me too. It was ok. See, here's the deal. Dave and Mike have this blog about the DARPA project (you know, where they build a vehicle that can be used to later kill starving african children and cute little kittens). Some of us would really like to keep up to date on what they're doing. Or hear them tell of the exciting visits they've had! But no, none of that. Just idleness. Bitches.

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Fri - March 26, 2004

Oh well

At least we've still got the 2nd amendment.

But, you don't have anything to hide right? So why would you mind if the police took a look around without a court order...

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Thu - March 18, 2004

Getting settled

So, I got the grant at the Studio. That's pretty exciting.

Spent the day getting settled in and doing 'round the house stuff with AD. Put up a new smoke detector, put new wipers on her car, played with my video capture thingy, blah blah. It was nice. Pleasant. A relaxing spring break. If only every day could be like this one.

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Tue - March 16, 2004

Apple rocks

So, the keyboard on my imac was acting up (the escape key didn't work) - unrelated to the orange juice that i spilled on it a week ago of course. Cough.

Anyways, I called apple yesterday at about 2:00. Explained that the keyboard was wanky. They said "Ok, we'll ship you a new one."

It's now 9:54am and the new keyboard just arrived. Just over 12 hours! And, pull the shipping label off the box the new one came in to reveal a shipping label to return the old one. Prepaid and all, just drop it off at airborne (officemax) and it's done. Apple rocks.

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Sun - March 14, 2004


I had something really interesting to write in this section, but now I can't recall. I'm sure it will return though.

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Ok, so I haven't blogged in a long while. Let us see, what has happened.

Got a concussion
Broke a rib
Had three midterms in one day
Dave bought a house
Jeff is getting married
Saw my parents
Didn't sleep enough

So, that's about it. The move yesterday went really quick. We had the truck returned within three hours of getting it, and the actual move only took about 2 hours. Fantastic! I'll post some pictures of my new room eventually. Still getting things sorted out and put away. But I'm really happy with it.

More updates will come as I get inspired. But I'm back to blogging at least, right?

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Fri - February 27, 2004


I posted some pics of a sunset from yesterday... here ... and... other stuff... but everyone who needs to know already does.

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Tue - February 24, 2004


Hmm. Well, I probably won't vote for Ralph again, but I won't fault him for running. At the very least, it's his right, and more importantly, maybe this time the democrats will learn to listen to the people supporting him, at least a bit. And not just in the last weeks before the election.

Edwards or Kerry ... Kerry I guess. But both of them kinda suck. Still thinking about it.

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Cheap Stuff

If you need USB hubs or memory readers (compact flash, smartmedia or MMC), macresq has 'em cheap. $6.99 for the readers if you have the coupon codes. *Cough* Check em out.

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Well, it's pretty well settled. I'm going to move out of my place by the end of March. I'll rent a room from AD and be done with this.

First off, it does make some amount of sense, since I can move over spring break. If I were leaving at the end of may, I'd end up being in the middle of a move while doing 10 hour days working at the studio for the summer class. *Shrug*

This place is still bumming me out. It sure isn't home.

I can deal.

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Fri - February 20, 2004

Midterm funny

So I had a midterm in Early Modern Political Thought today. It went really well actually. Then tonight, I was at the video store in St Paul and I hear from behind me "So how'd the exam go?" and I turn around and... there's the professor. Kinda weird. Anyways, I told him that I misspelled sovereignty, but otherwise it went OK.

Snowing here. But not too bad.

Krissy is getting married which is very very odd. Heard that in a letter from mom. And dave's going house shopping. What is happening? Oh, and my funding request for the next 6 months is $31,313.17. Anybody spare a dollar?

Film class showed a clip of Koyaanisqatsi in discussion tonight. Of course, I was the only one who had ever seen it, and was apparently the only one who found it interesting. Oh, and they all hated Man with a Movie Camera too. I guess cause there's no Ben Affleck and J-Lo?

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Tue - February 17, 2004

woo, sun

It's finally Sunny!

And things are going pretty well.

I'm considering moving out of my apartment at the end of March. At least, having a chat with the apartment manager about it. I dun like it here and I'm rather tired of it. And I'm sick of them stealing my mail. And all the other stuff...

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Wed - February 11, 2004

Still alive

Not enough sleep for blogging.

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Wed - February 4, 2004

A day goes by

Had dinner with Olson tonight, which was very nice. It's been a long time since we've hung out.

Have spent the last hour or so cleaning up my computers. I think I've freed up ~50gigs on my imac, which is pretty substantial. Mostly old backups and such.

Things at work seem to be going pretty good right now. It's nice to have that be a happy place instead of a stressor. Classes also continue to go well. I think my favorite is my pre-production class. Mostly because it's a lot of group work with people who I know and respect. 3 or 4 studio crew members, plus another 10 or so who have had a least one class in the studio. Plus Martin of course.

Digital Audio is also quite good, again with Martin. So far it's been repeat type stuff for me, but should be getting into new stuff soon.

The polisci course is also good. I'm enjoying reading these classic authors (Machiavelli and now Hobbes), and I appreciate that the reading scheduling is structured such that you actually get to take time and read and comprehend the work. Reading all of "The Prince" for example, instead of only having time to skim it.

The film course is kind of a low point, strictly because it's so focused on being just another film course where you analyze everything to death. All of this "What did the director really intend by putting X Y Z there?" ... nothing! Some bloody production assistant put that there because they found it in the studio storeroom. Directors aren't gods, they aren't geniuses (for the most part), and I don't believe that they make films with an eye towards having ever scene contain hidden symbolic things for film classes to dissect. It's entertainment! I know there are some [crazy] directors who do that kind of stuff, but for the most part, I just don't buy it. I was really hoping the class would be more skewed towards the "cities" aspect of it. Oh well.

I know nothing else.

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Tue - February 3, 2004

Snowy crazyness

I think the SVX is about as low as one would want a car to be in minnesota. It's less like driving and more like surfing on the underbody with the wheels occasionally reaching ground. Snow tyres would be nice too...

Posted pics of Kate's 80's party over at
Of course they pale in comparison to Kate's fancy-schmancy digicam.


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